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What this program gives you. . .


This 90-day program is designed to engage the entire team in identifying ways to improve communication; align actions with team goals; improve performance; and deliver on results. Program includes: 

  • Discovery:  through a variety of mediums (interviews, employee experience surveys and behavioral assessments), we’ll garner feedback from all levels of the team that will provide specific/customized topics for the workshop)

    • Behavioral Assessment of team members also includes readback, personal development guides; manager strategy guide; 1:1 peer relationship guide; and other coaching tools

  • Team Workshop: over the course 1 ½ days, we’ll lead the team through conversations and exercises that address the challenges and issues uncovered during the discovery stage.    

  • Customized Implementation Plan: from the Workshop conversations/exercises, we’ll create a plan that can be implemented across the team. (May included core values of team; communication strategy; further defined roles & responsibilities of team members and improved workflows)

  • Team Follow-up & Support: includes five (5) 1:1 coaching sessions for Team Leader/Department Manager to ensure the success and effectiveness of the Implementation Plan is being followed. Also includes a 12-month follow-up survey.

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