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Team Talk

Online Workshop: Team Building Through Change

Team Building Through Change tackles issues for critical teams in an adapting organization. In 2020, your teams face unprecedented challenges in a changing market landscape. Success depends on team performance and your ability to do more with less, navigate complex emotions, and lead with confidence in total uncertainty. 

This virtual workshop helps you adapt and build strong teams through crisis by using objective methods to adapt team dynamics, relaunch teams, and unlock collaboration through complex and sudden changes. 

Contact us @ to learn more or sign up to unlock the full potential of your workforce, develop future leaders, and build high performing teams.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for teams that....

  • Are in critical positions in a changing business environment 

  • Have had to adapt to sudden shifting business priorities 

  • Have had to recently right size or reconfigure teams 

  • Are experiencing loss of productivity or disengagement due to recent changes 

What is the format?

  • Session Length: 90 minutes 

  • Session Format: Virtual only 

  • Ideal Group Size: 6-10 

Re-build, unfreeze, and lead your most important asset: your people.

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