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What this program gives you. . .


This 90-day program is designed to ​engage individuals in identifying ways to improve communication; ​align actions personal and team goals; improve performance; and deliver on results. Program includes: 

  • Discovery:  Through a variety of mediums (interviews, 360 survey and behavioral assessment), we’ll garner feedback from the stakeholders who work directly/indirectly with this individual. The results of these conversations will provide specific/customized topics for 1:1 coaching.

    • Behavioral Assessment of team members also includes readback, personal development guides; manager strategy guide; 1:1 peer relationship guide; and other coaching tools

  • Coaching for Results: Based on the results of the Discovery phase, we’ll create a customized coaching plan to be used over the course of the 90-day period. We’ll meet with the individual, 1:1, every other week. The coaching calls are designed to provide a structure and to hold them accountable for achieving goals that are mutually agreed upon. (Coaching calls may include topics such as Managing Up, Down and Across; Communicating Simply and Powerfully; Resolving Unproductive Conflict; as well as Effective Time Management)

    • Includes eight (8) 1:1 coaching sessions for one leader/executive

    • 2-3 sessions with the individual’s Manager to summarize and review progress of coaching

  • Follow-up & Support: We are also available for an additional 90-days after coaching has been completed for any follow-up questions or concerns. 

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