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What this program gives you. . .


Over the course of 8-group sessions, this program is designed to develop high-potential individual contributors into your companies “next generation” of Leaders. Our approach combines the best practices in coaching, peer support, facilitation, goal setting, accountability, and tracking progress.  Program outlined as follows:


  • Pre-Work: 

    • Behavioral Assessment for all participants (including readback, personal development guide; manager strategy guide; and other coaching tools)

  • 8 Group Sessions: Each session is 90-120 minute and will focus on a different topic. Participants will begin to document their own situations, experiences, goals, challenges and strengths using their Participant Guide.  Then, through coaching tools, exercises, industry examples, and peer discussions, we’ll explore the subtle nuances that transform a solid individual contributor into a strong future leader and provide tools that they can be implement immediately.

  • Curriculum includes the following topics:

    • Leadership vs Management

    • Communicating Simply & Powerfully

    • Resolving Unproductive Conflict

    • Managing Up, Down and Across

    • Managing/Developing Others (including tactics to Engage and Mobilize Employees)

    • Goal Setting & Time Management

    • Thinking Strategically (vs Tactically)

    • Building Strong Relationships (through Networking)

  • Materials Provided: 

    • Participant Guide

    • Suggested readings will be assigned throughout the program supporting the session topics.

  • Workshop Follow-up & Support:  We are also available for an additional 90-days after program has been completed for any follow-up questions or concerns from participants (2-hrs/participant)

  • 16-week Engagement: Sessions meet every 2-weeks and content builds as the program progresses.

  • $1,500/participant

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