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What this program gives you. . .

Through this 1-year program, we help our clients develop consistent habits, messages, and performance throughout the organization, that delivers results. In organizations, we want to see the Top Leaders model the culture; set expectations for the next level to do the same; and have the culture flow all the way through the organization. Program includes:  

  • Discovery:  We’ll perform a thorough discovery combining a variety of activities including interviews with the Executive Team; Employee Experience Surveys; Behavioral Assessments for all Employees; and a review of the Company Vision & Mission Statement. 

  • Executive Team Offsite: Over the course 1 ½ days, we’ll lead the Executive Team through conversations and exercises to help identify the current culture;  and create strategies for creating a high-performance culture.     

  • Customized Implementation Plan: From the Offsite conversations/exercises, we’ll create a plan that can be implemented across the organization. (May included core values of team; communication strategy; further defined roles & responsibilities of team members and improved workflows)

  • 1-Year of Follow-up & Support: Includes quarterly follow-up meetings with Executive Team; up to nine (9) 1:1 coaching sessions for Executives or Department Manager to ensure the success and effectiveness of the Implementation Plan. Also includes a 2nd follow-up Employee Experience Survey (typically between 6-9 months after implementation)

  • 1-year Subscription to Talent Optimization Software: which includes training on the software that includes survey tools/analytics; as well as coaching guides, management strategy guides; 1:1 relationship guides; and personal development guides for all employees.

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