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Strategic Business Planning

We offer a FREE Business Assessment as the cornerstone of our Strategic Planning process. Through the assessment we are able to gain insight into the following functional lines of your business as they may apply: 


  1. Governance, Direction, & Risk

  2. Strategy, Planning, & Succession

  3. Culture, Leadership, & Management

  4. Marketing & Sales

  5. Business Development & Customer Service

  6. Organizational Design & People Management

  7. Operational Management & Productivity

  8. Business Systems & IT

  9. Legal Compliance

  10. Measurement, Monitoring, & Reporting

  11. Financial Management / Performance


This allows FFBA along with your key stakeholders to create a statement of work to build a customized Strategic Plan which may include a Value Proposition, Mission Statement, SWOT analysis and a process for tracking your success.


Click the "Request FREE Business Assessment" button to begin the process to a new Strategic Plan.

We recommend that the FREE Business Assessment is completed by each member of the executive team. After completing the online assessment, we will provide an aggregate report and findings. There is no obligation to sign up for any of our services and is provided to you and your organization at no cost.

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