Client  Testimonials

"Phil is a great addition to the ExecHQ team. Over the course of his career Phil has proven to be a strategic thinker and problem solver. He is a strong leader who puts his staff and his customers first. Phil has many years of experience working with small business and the SBA which is critical knowledge given today’s uncertain business environment. Whether engaged on fan interim or fractional basis, Phil’s years of business experience will be a great asset to any company."

Dave, May 2020

"What sets Phil apart from others is the tremendous amount of experience he has leading people and managing multiple priorities while working in several different departments. He has made a career of identifying problems and opportunities and then building teams and processes to ensure a positive outcome. You can tell Phil has a passion for learning, he thoroughly enjoys working with people and he always has a positive attitude. Phil is a great asset for any organization."


Jeff, May 2020

"Phil is a strong leader who has the courage to say it as it is! He makes the difficult decisions with kindness and compassion when the situation calls for them. He is clear and composed while delegating directives or planning next steps for the future. He is a leader who motivates the team by listening to all; blends the best of the best, gives credit when due and all this, while adding a bit of humor. I highly recommend Phil to lead any situation to success and it was a pleasure to work as a member of his Senior Management Team!"

Margaret, April 2020

"I have known and worked with Phil for over 25 years and am honored to recommend him when it comes to solving complex business issues. He is a visionary leader, a person who through his disciplined approach can cut through the noise surrounding complex business problems and issues all while motivating and inspiring the teams around him to strategically solve those issues in a timely fashion. He is a loyal and tenured leader who leads by example and with integrity. Phil is a tactician, the type that makes the whole better, and everyone around him improves. I expect great things in line for him."

Tony, March 2020

“When Wendy came on board as a consultant, she had an immediate impact on our team. Like many companies, we have a lot of projects and a limited amount of resources; and she took the time to speak with every employee to get a sense of our landscape, our strengths and our challenges.  Wendy helped us organize our ideas and implement sustainable processes and procedures to help our team become more efficient. We also asked her to do some 1:1 professional development coaching for some of our first-line managers; and the results were immediate! They loved working with someone who cared not only about our company, but about them as individual contributors! I look forward to continuing having Wendy act in a consultant capacity as we continue to grow and take on new challenges.”

Scott, March 2020

“I am beyond blessed to have Wendy as my coach. She took me through a series of unique questions and assessments and spent a lot of time working through my patterns and skill sets. I worked through a lot of self-limiting beliefs I had about my worth and my career. She is a natural leader, and with her extensive business background, it only makes sense that she is a phenomenal coach. She recognizes the unrealized potential in those around her. Even more important, she helped me see it for myself.


Working with Wendy as your coach is the best investment you can make in yourself, and your business!”

Holly, February 2020 

"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Wendy for the last year. Wendy brought extremely valuable expertise on successful business management to a rapidly growing company that needed structure to guide its continued growth. She helped to implement many processes and strategies to ensure the success of our team and the overall business, led the way to successfully integrate new employees into the team, and fostered communication and cooperation among the various teams within the company. She has brought a positive attitude to many a stressful situation, and generally just made the work experience a great one. 


She always has time to help with any question or issue, big or small. She strives to both see and help bring out the best in everyone around her, knowing when to encourage and praise and when to deftly provide constructive feedback. I consider Wendy both a role model, and a professional mentor, and greatly value the personal direction and leadership she has offered since we began working together. Not only do I feel that I have grown professionally under her guidance, but the company has gained valuable structure and sustainable business strategies as a result of her coaching."

Catherine, September  2019 

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Wendy for a little over seven years.  We worked very closely over the span of four years while we were both serving as officers on our Regional Marketing Coop and she served as the Coop President.  Wendy was the backbone of this coop; from its inception she took ownership and pride in every digit, every meeting and every situation that arose. We just could not have existed without her.  And she now applies those skills as a business advisor and coach! 

Since the first moment we started working together, Wendy immediately became a role model for me both personally and professionally. The work ethic, organization, and tact she applies to every task is remarkable. Wendy sets the bar for those around her on a daily basis.  She would be a treasure for any organization that she works with."

Matt, August  2019 

"I had the privilege of working with Wendy for over 7 years while she owned multi-unit Franchises for our Elements Massage brand; and more recently as a Business Advisor and Business Coach. Wendy is a “rockstar” when it comes to business and leadership. 


She understands all aspects of business from marketing, to hiring, to training, to HR, to sales, to leadership.  Any company would benefit by working with Wendy and it's with great pleasure to formally recommend her."

Steve, August  2019 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Wendy, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is an impressive leader who always brings positive energy to the team.


Her knowledge of how  successful businesses should be run and expertise in customer services was a huge advantage to both of our studios, especially when she created training procedures for our employees on how to work with our clients.


She quickly became an extension of our team and always managed to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of others. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Wendy as a Business Advisor. As a dedicated and knowledgeable leader and all-around great person, I know any company would benefit from working with her.

Jessica, July 2019 

Dedham, MA